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Code School is a brand new tutoring program based in Surrey

I'm Danny and I'm a freelance software developer, I believe that everyone should know how to code (even just a little bit), I'm also a big believer in sharing skills which is why in June 2020 I decided to start up a tutoring program for coding, with all lessons being conducted over Zoom.

There's lots of different perceptions about coding such as, it involves high-level maths, the ability to touch type, becoming a hacker for Jack Bauer and the FBI, none of these are actually true apart from maybe the last one, coding is actually very broad and knowing just a little can get you pretty far in marketing, digital design, web development, loads more and even just advancing your basic computer literacy and confidence.

Code School is aimed at giving a new skill to people who need it whether that be coding, a bit of digital design or some editing basics,, my course if £5/hour until the end of November with the first intoductory lesson free, if you have any questions please go to my contact details and get in touch!





"I've always wanted to learn how to build great websites, I'm not quite there yet but Danny has got me well on my way!" John Gleeson

"We were looking for ways to keep my 14 year old busy during lockdown and thought coding would be a great skill to learn, he's now way ahead of school and really getting into computers" Kelly Eastwood

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